What Are You Thankful For?

This is the time of the year when most people reflect upon what they are thankful for. Like many of you, I have an abundance of blessings in my life that I am so grateful for. I won't list them all, but here are the top ten in my life right now.

1. The Gospel
2. Family
3. Friends
4. Job
5. Car
6. Place to Live
7. Food to eat
8. Prayer
9. Love
10. My talents

I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving and count your blessings!



Mr. Truck Driver, Red Box, and Me

So last night I went over to my friend Christene's house. We decided that we wanted to watch a movie, so off to the nearest Red Box we went. As we were looking through the movie options, this man came up to us. He was short, had a beer belly, and was wearing a stain-filled, pink sweatshirt with horses galloping on it. He had just gotten out of a semi truck and had a map in his hand. Clearly confused.

"Excuse me ladies, can you tell me what that intersection out there is."

We both looked, "Well it appears it's 126 S. 13th W."

Blank stare.

For about the next ten minutes we tried to convince this man that all he needed to do was go east on 126th and he'd get on the freeway in no time. He was very hesitant and insisted he find our exact location on his map. (Why don't truckers use GPS'?)

After we pin pointed our exact location on the map, Mr. Truck Driver took the liberty of telling us his whole life story. For the next 20 minutes, standing in the freezing cold, we listened to one story after another of the new Walmarts on his route, and about the new Target trailers he has been transporting. Oh so fascinating.

Both of us were very polite and listened intently on every word Mr. Truck Driver spoke. But, in the middle of one of his stories, I realized I had something on my face.

Oh, am I wearing my sunglasses?
No it's night time, silly. Oh, then I still must have my glasses on from work then? No, those came off when you went to the gym. What the?

Just then I realized this is what I looked like...

I had put on these geek glasses I found in Christene's car and forgot to take them off. No wonder Mr. Truck Driver was hesitant to listen to my directions.

My Vernacular

In Facebook, you can create a "status cloud" to see what words you have used the most in your Facebook status' since the beginning of time. This is mine. I'm pretty sure I haven't used the word "Portuguese" more than once, but the almighty status cloud tells me differently.


How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count the Ways

The snow. When I think about it I cringe. However, I've decided that I can either hate on the snow for the next five months, or I can appreciate it. So I have decided to embrace it and list some of its great qualities.

Top 10 Things I Love About Snow...
1. It gave us countless days off at school growing up- some of the best memories of my life
2. It is beautiful- until it starts melting and looks disgusting
3. It makes hot chocolate appealing- which rarely happens for me
4. It makes it possible for tow trucks to have a successful career- let's pray I don't need their business this year
5. Sledding is enjoyable- for about 10 minutes
6. Building snowmen- a simple pleasure in life
7. Snowshoeing- one of my favorite past times ever
8. Building igloos and forts- pretty fun

Ok, I can't think of ten and while I was making the list I couldn't resist thinking about the things I hate about snow. So here you go.

Top 10 Things I Hate About Snow...
1. Cold, miserable, depressing- self explanatory
2. Skiing- not fun...EVER
3. Layers- claustrophobic madness
4. You can't walk fast or else you'll fall- which brings me to number 5
5. Slipping on the ice- oh so degrading
5. You have to drive extra slowly - which means you have to leave extra early for everything
6. You have to scrape snow/ ice off your car and wait for your car to warm up - which means you have to leave extra extra early for everything
7. Can't enjoy the outside without at least 30 minutes of getting prepped- again with the ghastly layers
8. Snow ball fights- getting snow pummeled in your face causing a seemingly unbearable brain freeze is not my idea of fun
9. Wet floors- I don't mind taking off my shoes at the door, in fact, I love it. The problem is when that token person tracks water through the house creating little puddles that you inevitably step in causing your socks to get wet. So frustrating.
10. Having to get into a freezing car and wait until the heat kicks in- and the heat never starts until you arrive at your destination

Welp, I hate snow. Always have, always will. It does provide some great memories, but not enough for me to love it. Sorry Snow.


When Did I Grow Up

Since I graduated from college in July it seems like I've been on the fast track to adulthood. I suddenly went from being a carefree college student to a 9 to 5 working professional. I now have coworkers, a salary, a parking pass, health insurance, the whole shebang. I have to be responsible. How did this happen?!?! How did I go from living my own life, running on my own time to this?

Ever since I was little I always imagined myself in the workforce. Mostly I pictured what business attire I would get to wear and how cute I would look everyday...pencil skirts, blouses, blazers, heels...*sigh* In my naive head, a typical work day consisted of walking to my office dressed to the nines, sipping my Starbuck's steamer, and running into cute businessmen in elevators.

As usual, my perceptions let me down. When I first stepped into my office I noticed there were no pencil skirts, no blouses, no heels, no Starbuck's, and definitely no cute businessmen in the elevators. (I'm still trying to decide what's worse, no heels or no businessmen.) I felt jipped and disappointing, especially because I no longer had a good excuse to go on a new-business-wardrobe shopping spree.

I believe that wearing fancy office attire is a rite of passage to becoming a true professional, but for now I am relieved that I'm not required to dress up. Dressing casually keeps me from realizing that I am truly in the real world with real time responsibilities and I like it that way.