I Promise, I Don't Have an Addiction

I love pickles. Like really, really, really LOVE pickles...borderline addicted to pickles. They are by far my most treasured food of all time. I love the way they taste. I love their saltiness. I love whole pickles, sliced pickles, hamburger-cut pickles, zesty pickles, pickle spears, pickle relish, giant pickles, basically anything with pickle in the name. I love the euphoria that comes when I bite into a juicy pickle. I even love the occasional shot of pickle juice. Wow, just writing this is making me salivate.

A few years back, I realized that I was a little too in love with pickles and decided that I couldn't buy them anymore...the reason? Whenever I open a brand-new pickle jar I would eat the ENTIRE jar in one sitting. It's sad and it's true. (although very delicious and satisfying)

The last time I bought pickles, and evidently ate the entire jar, was the night before Anna's bridal shower. I bought them for sandwiches and wanted to eat just one...but before I realized what I was doing, the jar was empty--every pickle devoured.

Yesterday, as I was grocery shopping, I found myself in the pickle aisle. I decided my self-control was pretty good, so I picked up a jar of zesty dills.

However, today I came home from work, looking for a good snack, and those zesty dills caught my eye. The results...

Sadly, I am out of pickles yet again & have consumed a ridiculous amount of sodium.