Wowzas, it's been FOREVER since I last posted anything. I have had quite the busy life lately and sadly, but unintentionally, neglected my little blog.

Well in recent Doree news, my best friend ever (that's right Anna, it’s you!) got hitched! After 3 years of being away, I finally got to go to my home town of Littleton, CO and see my mamacita, my old hood, and some of my closest friends growing up. Anna looked simply radiant and it was so fun to share the day with her and her family (aka: my second family), and to catch up with all of my beloved Colorado friends.

I was surprised by how much I LOVED being in Colorado. I guess after being gone for so long I forgot how beautiful and fun Colorado is. Best.state.ever! I literally could not get enough of it, and wished I could have stayed longer. We had some time in between brunch and the wedding, so my mom and I drove past our CO home and creepily sat in the rental car and just stared at it...of course my Mom stared and cried. We have some great memories in that house. :) Being in Colorado was simply lovely and I loved every moment of it. Alas, it was short lived, as I had to head back to good ol' *cough* Utah *cough* on Sunday.

Anyways, I want to give a shout out to the bride and groom. Anna and Eric, you two are the perfect match for each other and I wish you a lifetime...no, an ETERNITY of marital bliss! Love you ShmAndersons!

P.S. All of their wedding photography was done by one of my greatest friends ever, Kenzie! She's awesome, so check out her site!

On a side note, I also got a bike that I LOVE! Yay!