The Best Cinnamon Rolls Ever....and They're Vegan!

I have a vegan friend who is always asking me to make her vegan food; this week her request was cinnamon rolls. Now, I am not a huge fan of cinnamon rolls. In fact, I'd probably eat any other sweet treat before eating a cinnamon roll, nonetheless, i was up for the challenge!

I looked online and found a recipe on a blog called Bitter Sweet. I didn't realize how time consuming making the cinnamon rolls was--but once the dough had risen, it went by pretty fast.

I started off by making the dough and letting it rise for an hour. It had risen way more than I thought, so if you attempt making these, this recipe could and should be halved.

After the dough was practically swallowing the bowl, I divided it and rolled out half onto my counter top. There was so much that the dough took up the entire surface of my counter. I added the innards (vegan butter, sugar, cinnamon) and rolled the dough up. Then I cut the dough and placed the rolls into pans, pans, and more pans...

They only took 20 minutes to cook. When I got the cinnamon rolls out I drizzled them with my makeshift frosting. (I didn't quite have all of the ingredients so I just improvised.)

Wrap up: So after the cinnamon rolls were finished, I decided I had to at least take a bite for all of the effort I'd put into making them. And let me be the first to say, DELICIOUS. I feel like I've been jipped my whole life by not eating cinnamon rolls. If you're looking for the best cinnamon roll recipe, you've got to try this recipe.

Here's the link to the recipe at Bitter Sweet.