Summah Vacation in Maine!

I spent an enjoyable 7 day vacation relaxing in Maine! The entire Speidel family (parentals, Jake & fam, Molly & fam, Hannah & her boyfriend-of-the-year, myself and finally, warren-but just for one day) all went up to the little town of Greenville, ME.

We had a wicked enjoyable week...

Living in this,




Trying to stay dry...while wearing clothes...on a raft...in the middle of the lake...,

Eventually getting soaked right after Jake threw in his first victim,

Bonding with my beautifully, wonderful sisters,

Admiring my amazing parents,

Trying to convince Warren to stay, (but I always lose to planes),

Filling my RedBull addiction (thanks Jake)


Playing with the 'twins' (Dash & Kate),



AND Exploring lil' ol' Greenville, Fireworks, S'mores (some more of what?), Movies, Swimming, Eating, Playing Rummikub, Shopping, Eating pickles on the Swing, Lounging in the Hammock, and LOVING being with family for a whole week!