Life As I Know It

So it's been a while since my last post, but that's probably due to the fact that nothing monumental has happened in the past few months. So just to keep you up-to-date, here's a list of a few great things that have been going on...

1. Anna's Surprise Bridal Shower
This was the greatest b/c all of our friends from CO and some from college came to celebrate Anna's big day. I hadn't seen most of the people that came for a while, so it was fun to catch up.

Thank you all for traveling from afar, it wouldn't have been the same without you! (Also, for those of you not pictured above, I loved seeing you guys too!)

2. Warm Weather
For about one week in March, we had a warm spell. After a long winter, I took advantage of the beautiful weather and tried to go outside and do things for at least an hour a day after work. (Walking, running, skipping rocks, tanning, fighting off kidnappers, you know, typical things.) Unfortunately, the weather was short lived and here we are with snow again.

3. Hogle Zoo
One Saturday, Martin and I decided to go to the SLC zoo. It was kinda last minute, but we couldn't have planned it any better if we tried. We went after the first session of conference on Saturday and when we arrived there were literally no people there. We felt like the zoo was reserved just for us. It was fun to see all of the animals and get private tours through the exhibits. As much as I love the zoo, I did feel bad for a few of those animals b/c of their crappy habitats, however, for the most part the animals looked content.

4. General Conference
It was the first time I have ever been to Conference in the Conference Center. Martin's aunt works in the Mayor's office and got us great seats on the ground level. However, due to an unexpected spout of snow, we were late and our seats were given away. We did, however, manage to get great seats in the second level. It was such an awe-inspiring experience and I never wanted to leave.

Oh and Martin and I were photographed while standing outside. Maybe we'll make it into the Ensign!

5. Company Kickball Team
That's right, we have our very own kickball team. I'm not real sure how well we'll do when we're actually playing against other teams. We had practice this week and needless to say, it was a complete mess. The day after practice, we all came into work with bruises, sore muscles, and some people were even limping. Our first game is the end of the month, so hopefully we'll pick up our game by then. The plus side is that we (the girls) are going to wear these fabulous knee-high socks. At least we'll be the most stylish team playing. ;)

6. David Archuleta
Be envious every 13 year-old girl, because I saw your idol, David Archuletta live. He even rode in on a Harley. What a stud muffin.

Oh and it was his mother, Lupe's, birthday. What an added treat!

7. First Ever Heavy Metal Concert (probably my last too)
Not real sure I can categorize this one under great. It was a new experience for sure. Screaming, moshing, being knocked down... sounds super fun, right?

Well that about highlights my life for the past month or so. I'm just soaking it up and enjoying the simple pleasures.