Change of Heart

For those of you who read my previous post about snow, I'd like to write an addendum.

Today I got snow tires put on my car and, boy, what a difference they make! Along with cute little puppies, I now have a new found love for the snow. I have been driving around with confidence all day long. I'd like to apologize for any previous comments that may have offended you or the snow and hope there are no hard feelings. All I have left to say is, "Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!"


Laughter Makes My World Go Round

So, as you all know I love to laugh and I laugh a lot! It’s basically one of my favorite things to do in life. In fact, I don’t understand why people don’t laugh more. It’s not that I’m immature (well not always) or that I don’t take things seriously (cause I do). I just find humor in mundane things. Well after many a years, I have come to the conclusion as to why I laugh so much.

My laughing problem lies in overanalyzing things. I like to think of myself as being someone who can roll with the punches and not overanalyze every little detail. In fact, my #1 go-to-advice when talking to friends is to not over think things. However, (plug your ears, Anna) I do overanalyze. EVERYTHING. I have decided that the over analysis of these mundane things is what makes me explode.

For instance, my coworker just said this to me, “Oh great, I’m being followed by the NudistColonyofUtah on Twitter.” To which another coworker replied, “Oh you aren’t a fan of nudist colonies?” To which the first guy replied (in a very serious, monotone voice), “Well, I’m not a fan of nudity in general.”

This one was just asking for laughter, yet neither of these coworkers laughed. I couldn’t help it, so I just looked away and bust out laughing to myself uncontrollably, hoping they’d think I was laughing at something on my computer.

You see, in my head I thought about how funny it was that they were both so serious about such a humorous topic. Then I thought (WARNING: X-rated content to follow) about how sad that is for his wife. Then I thought about how awkward that was for him to say because everyone else in the office was probably thinking about his poor wife, too. And then the laughter came. And I could not stop.

So if we are ever together and I bust out laughing, just know that there is a whole thought process behind it. A thought process that is profoundly stupid, yet utterly hilarious.


Much Needed Break

So Thanksgiving was a success. We had a lovely 4-day weekend from work, so I was able to get out of town. I spent Thanksgiving in beautiful southern California with my Grandpa and step relatives. I also got to spend the rest of the weekend with Warren and his family in LA. The weather was so nice and it was such a wonderful break from cold Salt Lake.