Week 2

So this week was better. Everything is still so new and exciting to me, but now I know where I'm going and how to get there. Let me explain...

I ride the bus to work everyday. The first day I got onto the bus and my monthly "Charlie Card" (unlimited bus and subway fare) wasn't working. The bus driver snorted and told me to pay up. Luckily, I had some loose change in my pocket. One by one, I placed the dimes, nickels, and quarters into the slot, hands shaking, trying not to notice the snorts and put-off sounds coming from the large crown behind me.

The next day, I came fully prepared with dollar bills and the exact change, as to not hold up the line again. Boarding the bus went smoothly; thank goodness. As we rode, however, I started noticing that a guy here was giving me a dirty glare, a girl there was staring me down with a look of scorn. I thought I was just being uber paranoid until a little kid gave me the stink eye as he boarded with his grandma. It was then I looked up to the window and read the words "Reserved for the elderly and disabled." Just my luck, I would choose one of the only 'resevered' seats when trying to play it cool on the bus. Once I realized, I got up and made the walk of shame to another seat on the bus.

Since then, I have become a pro at riding the bus. My charlie card finally started working, and having unlimited bus and subway fare is pretty great.

Long story short, when you come visit me, I will make sure you aren't a victim of transportation ridicule.

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  1. Haha, isn't that like the 4th time you've found yourself hogging up a handicapped something? Oh, Dor. That's hilarious.