Week 2

So this week was better. Everything is still so new and exciting to me, but now I know where I'm going and how to get there. Let me explain...

I ride the bus to work everyday. The first day I got onto the bus and my monthly "Charlie Card" (unlimited bus and subway fare) wasn't working. The bus driver snorted and told me to pay up. Luckily, I had some loose change in my pocket. One by one, I placed the dimes, nickels, and quarters into the slot, hands shaking, trying not to notice the snorts and put-off sounds coming from the large crown behind me.

The next day, I came fully prepared with dollar bills and the exact change, as to not hold up the line again. Boarding the bus went smoothly; thank goodness. As we rode, however, I started noticing that a guy here was giving me a dirty glare, a girl there was staring me down with a look of scorn. I thought I was just being uber paranoid until a little kid gave me the stink eye as he boarded with his grandma. It was then I looked up to the window and read the words "Reserved for the elderly and disabled." Just my luck, I would choose one of the only 'resevered' seats when trying to play it cool on the bus. Once I realized, I got up and made the walk of shame to another seat on the bus.

Since then, I have become a pro at riding the bus. My charlie card finally started working, and having unlimited bus and subway fare is pretty great.

Long story short, when you come visit me, I will make sure you aren't a victim of transportation ridicule.


Week #1

I moved into my apartment last Saturday. It's very cute and located northeast of downtown in a place called, Charlestown. Yes, it's the same place 'The Town' was filmed and no, there aren't bank robbers running amuck.

I started my new job on Monday, and so far I'm enjoying it. I sit on the 16th floor of a very tall building in the heart of downtown Boston. Unlike my last job, I now have a cubicle. Turns out cubicles are pretty great; I get to decorate my own space and not have to see people all day.

After sitting at my desk for hours on end, I decided to go running after work one day. I ran down to the harbor, which had a gorgeous view of the city. Hopefully, this will be great motivation to start a new running regime.

On my way back from running, I made a detour past the Bunker Hill monument. (I can see the monument outside my bedroom window, so I decided I had to go visit.) I walked around it for a bit and wanted to climb to the top, however, it was closed by the time I got there. Oh well, something I can look forward to doing later.

Today I headed out to Haymarket. It's an outdoor market they have here every Friday and Saturday. It's not a farmer's market because the produce is not locally grown. The vendors buy produce from wholesalers that haven't sold all of their produce yet. After reading reviews online, they mostly said the produce was old and too ripe to buy. However, I decided to check it out anyway. To my surprise, the produce was terrific. I only had a $10 bill in my pocket, but I bought all of this!

(Bananas, sweet potatoes, grapes, oranges, strawberries, apples, green beans, and lemon pears--had to try them and, unfortunately, they aren't that great)


Change is....GREAT!

Well I am officially a Masshole, a Bostonian, a Beantown kid.

A few months back, prior to having any thought other than the random voices in my head, my parents came to visit me in Salt Lake City. You see, I had just signed a lease for my first ever, very own, roommate-less apartment and my parents came out to help me move in. It wasn't until we were driving through downtown when reality hit.

Through the midst of a typical conversation with my parents, my mom blurted out, "Doree, isn't it great that you live here? You always wanted to live in the big city and now you finally do!"

I about hit the fire hydrant we were passing when I heard her utter these words. I just responded, "Uh....yeah." But I was dying inside, thinking, Salt Lake City is not a big city, this is not my dream, I've already been here 2 years longer than I wanted to be, help!

Anyway, my parents left, I unpacked my boxes, a few weeks passed, I quit my job in Salt Lake, I repacked my boxes, and I got a job in another city. This time I made sure it was a big city, a city which I am pleased to be the newest resident of, a city I am so excited to explore and embrace as my new home, a city called Boston.

I couldn't feel more blessed or more excited about this next step in my life!